Monday, 13 January 2020

What's new in Follow Chess Android v3.6

Follow Chess Android v3.6 was released yesterday.


* Remember when you would open the App and sometimes find that the status of the event is showing LIVE even if the event is NOT or the event may have started but it shows the next round time instead of LIVE? Some very important changes under the hood to provide accurate status of tournaments.
Well thats fixed.

* Sometime back, one Twitter user had mentioned this:

And this was always a dilemma for us. Whether to have quick access to standings as soon as you open the app, or only from within the Event stream. Why not both?
Now its easy to view standings and all games from the multi-board screen. Just swipe right-to-left!

* Other improvements to the Chat to make it more social.

These changes will soon be coming over to iOS.

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