Saturday, 26 March 2016

Follow Chess v2.0 for iOS now available!!

Follow Chess v2.0 for iOS is right in time for the final 2 rounds of the Candidates 2016 games!
This is a major update and has lots of features (which the Android version received few weeks back)

What's new in v2.0?

  • New Tourney Notifications - Now you will receive notifications when new tournaments are added to the App! By default, the App will only try to notify you of tournaments which may be of interest to you (Setting - Tourney Notification - Smart). However, if you wish to receive notifications for ALL tourney, please change the aforementioned setting to ALL
  • Watch List - You can choose to watch any live game from different tournaments, all in a single screen!

  • Thinking time per move - App now shows clock time per move, which provides a better insight into the game and the player's thinking/strategy.

  • Engine Analysis - Just like on Android, you can now analyze the current game/position with help of a Chess engine. Its a separate App (a basic version of Analyze This App), which can be installed for free from the App Store. More features will be added to Analyze This App in due course of time.
  • Live Video - You can also watch live video commentary for tournaments which are broadcast via YouTube.
  • Search Games - You can now search for games of a Player or opening or result in the All Games screen

  • Tap player name in Standings screen to directly load all his/her games
  • And bug fixes and improvements!

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