Thursday, 17 April 2014

Follow Chess 1.0 released!! Now follow moves from multiple Chess tournaments

  Follow Chess v1.0 for Android was released today! With it, you can now watch multiple Chess tournaments in multi-board format!

Check out moves from multiple international chess tournaments.
Currently broadcasting Women's Grand Prix, 14th Bangkok Club Open, Danish National Class, Fagernes International and Dubai Open!!
Dont like the Ads? See Menu - Remove Ads to remove all Ads and go Pro! This will also unlock all features that may be added in the future!

TIP : Tap on any board in the multi-screen view to launch the offline Analysis Board.

Offline Analysis Board - Play through the moves or even enter you own moves to understand the nuances of the game!
Please note that this board will not auto-refresh if new moves are made in the actual game.
Hit the Menu - Analyze This and you get the full game (with your variations!) into Analyze This app for saving, sharing and further analysis!

TIP : Instant Engine Analysis - Double tap the board in this screen to launch the instant engine analysis with my Analyze This app!
TIP : Flip Board - Like my other Chess apps, swipe your finger down on the board to flip the board!

The app supports nearly 5300 Android devices!!! As usual, there could be issues with certain devices running on certain Android versions. If you are one of those unlucky ones, please send me an email at and I would be able to fix it. Leaving a review on the Play Store, does not give me enough information to fix the issue; so it will remain as it is! Instead, pls mail me!

Even if there is no issue, just mail me with your feedback. I like to listen to em!


Future Features
- Games from previous rounds
- Pairing & Schedule
- Results
...till then, happy viewing!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chess Book Study for iPad - Help

1. How do I copy my personal ebooks?
NEW in v1.2 - Now with v1.2, you no longer need to connect your iPad to iTunes to copy the ebooks. You can simply open your Chess PDFs via Dropbox, Drive, Email or other supported Apps! (see note below)

Connect your iPad to iTunes on your Mac or PC. (You can also connect it on Linux.) Then locate the Chess Book Study App's Documents folder. Copy your book to the Documents folder and you are done! (Disconnect your iPad and the book should be visible)
Please note that only ebooks/magazines in PDF format are supported.

2. What features does the iOS app currently support?
Add/View Bookmarks - You can add multiple bookmarks or jump to bookmarked page.
Brightness - Change screen brightness (useful when reading in low light)
Show/Hide board - You can view the book in full screen by hiding the board
Board Colors - Choose a different board color
New Board
Following features are in the Pro version only:
Position Setup [PRO] - Set up a new board position
Flip board [PRO]

3. Tip to navigate the book - tap bottom for next page, tap top for previous page
You can swipe through the pages of the books. Additionally, you can tap the bottom of the book to load next page. Tap the top of the book to view previous page.

Got an issue? Please email me at

Ex: How to open PDF from Dropbox
In Dropbox , tap the "Share" icon which has a upward pointing arrow. It will show a Popup.
Then choose Open In... and Chess Book Study app should be listed.