Saturday, 26 October 2013

Introducing the Official App of the FIDE World Championship Match 2013

First time in the history of a World Chess Championship match, fans world wide can follow the action on their Android devices! And not just follow, but immerse into it with this feature packed Android app!


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Live Moves
Follow the live moves on a beautiful Chess board, and watch as the drama unfolds in real-time!

Get notified when the game starts or after moves are made. What more, after every game is over, you will be immediately notified of the result*
Sample game notification in the Notification tray during the game and after the game is over

Engine Analysis
One click engine analysis of the current board position with two Strong Chess engines (Critter & Stockfish). Needs 'Analyze This' Android app
'Analyze This' Android app

Annotated Previous Encounters
Get ready for the match as Sagar Shah (ELO 2373) walks you through some selected previous encounters of Anand and Carlsen, with some entertaining annotations and commentary.

Tactics of Anand & Carlsen

Solve 30 tactical puzzles of Anand and Carlsen (15 each), carefully selected by IM Swayams Mishra (ELO 2434). These are "awesome tactics worth solving", as he puts it.

Integrated Tweets

Stay abreast with expert opinion and comments with the integrated Tweets. Also, Tweet while you watch the live moves right from the Board screen!

2 Board Designs

Whom are you supporting? Choose either the "Cool Anand" or the "Hot Carlsen" board design and support your man!
'Cool Anand' & 'Hot Carlsen' board designs!

Home Screen and Lock Screen Widgets
What if you could follow the action without even opening the app!!? Too good to be true?
Yes, you can! Add the Board widget to your Android Home screen (or Lock Screen!!) and watch as the widget updates automatically when the moves are made!*
The home screen widget can be resized and made bigger!

♚ Match Score
View match schedule (in your local time!) and follow the score as the match progresses

♚ Available in International languages
Thanks to some awesome Chess enthusiasts, the app is available in native Portuguese (BRL), Dutch, French, Czech, German and Spanish languages!**

♚ Optimized for Battery and Data
The app only does its work when the server notifies it that a move has been made, instead of continuously connecting to the server every few minutes. This saves a lot of device battery and data charges. Hence you can always keep your data connection ON and never miss a beat!


  • Live Board - Swipe down to flip the board

  • Tactics - Swipe right-to-left to load next puzzle

  • Tweets - Pull down to refresh tweets


"Google Play Services not available." What does this mean?

To save device battery and data charges, the app uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to send moves and other details from the server down to the devices. If the correct version of Google Play Services is not available on your device, then cloud messaging will not work. Instead, the device will resort to pulling moves from the server. This has the following implications:
  • Server will not be able to push any move notification to the device. This in turn means that the device will periodically try and fetch this information, resulting in higher Battery and data charges
  • No move notifications from the server. Hence moves may be delayed
  • Game start/end notification will not work 
  • Home/Lock screen widget will NOT automatically show the latest board position.

With "Google Play Services" error, will I be able to watch live games? 

Yes! However, there will be no moves pushed by the server to your device automatically, nor will there be any game start/end notifications. As long as you are on the "Live Board" screen, the app will show the latest board position and refresh at a 2 minute interval.

How do I add the Board widget to my Home screen?

Click 'Widgets' category on your Android device and scroll right till you locate the 'World Championship Match 2013' widget shown below:
Then drag it and place it some where on your home screen. The widget will automatically update and show you the latest game position, when the game is in play*.

How do I add the Board widget to my Lock screen?

Lock your device and swipe the lock screen widget till you see the below:
Touch the '+' area and scroll to locate the World Championship match widget.

Then touch to select the widget and it will be added to the Lock screen.

Now when the game starts, you only have to look at your lock screen to see the current game position!*
Adding widgets to lock screen is available only on Android 4.2 and higher


* - Notification feature is not available on devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire etc which do not have the Google Play Services.
Please see 'Google Play Services not available' FAQ above for other restrictions for devices that do not support Google Play Services.
Lock screen widgets are only available on devices running Android 4.2 and above. 

** - If you would like to help and translate the App to your international language, please mail me at Only the App could be translated. The vast amount of Game annotations and commentary will still be in English.

♚ IMPORTANT: The app supports nearly 4200 different Android devices! So there is a possibility that the app may not always look "pretty" on your device. If you are one of those, please drop me a mail at and I shall try to fix it. A bad review will not automatically fix the issue since most likely I would need more details from you! 


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Thursday, 3 October 2013

300 tactical puzzles from the games of Anand and Carlsen

The biggest Chess match of the decade is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate this historic moment, than by solving puzzles derived from the games of these two brilliant players?

300 puzzles from the games of Anand (166 puzzles) and Carlsen (134 puzzles) are now available for purchase inside iChess. Now, get into the Championship mood!
(Note: First 166 puzzles are from Anand's games followed by that of Carlsen. As usual, all puzzles are arranged in increasing order of difficulty starting with basic one-movers and going on to several moves)

Sample Puzzle
How did Anand (White) destroy Black's King side?

White to play and win
Apart from the default free 1000 puzzles arranged into Normal, Advanced and Master levels, iChess also has lots of other puzzles that you can purchase.
Some of the puzzles available inside iChess for purchase

App Download