Tuesday, 10 September 2013

iChess - Chess puzzles app now on iPhone and iPad!

Hurray, iChess is now available on the iPhone/iPad!

Disclaimer: It does not have the usual flair of the Android version, but it will get there!

You can open your own tactics PGN file (by placing the PGN file in the iChess Documents folder via PC/Mac). However this option is available only for Paid users (iChess upgrade). You can grab one of the Promo codes below to upgrade iChess!

PROMO CODES (Hurry before somebody else uses them!)
Edit: It turns out that Promo codes cannot be used for In-App purchases, but only for Paid apps! (sigh)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Chess puzzles from June 2013 and Mate in 1 move!

Today I have released new puzzles which can be purchased via iChess app!

Mate in 1 (400 puzzles!)
Check mate in only one move. Nothing more, nothing less!
This is great for beginners and kids but can also be good fun for more serious players!

June 2013 (300 puzzles)
300 puzzles from recent games played in June 2013. Featuring games from Tal Memorial, FIDE World Blitz, Russian Championship etc and games played by Anand, Mamedyarov, Andreikin.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Minor update to Analyze This app - Stockfish 4.0 & less battery drain and heating!

I have just released v2.0.6 of Analyze This app, with some important improvements:

  • Stockfish 4.0 - The Stockfish engine has been upgraded to v 4.0! I have found this version to be definitely better. This is also good on your battery, since by default it uses only a single core.
  • Less battery drain and heating - Using iChess on a multi-core device would often cause the device to heat up when continuously solving puzzles. This update brings better battery usage and definitely lesser heating!
  • Bug/Crash fixes - Some important bugs and crashes have been fixed.

This is just a small release. More "feature" updates are in the pipleline!