Friday, 30 August 2013

iChess v3.5 released - New dimension to solving chess puzzles

I am absolutely thrilled to release a new version of iChess with lots of interesting features and changes. This is iChess' 21st release in 2 years!

NEW IN v3.5
  • iChess automatically tracks the puzzles you find difficult. Then you can go to the Bird view of that puzzle set and choose "SOLVE FAILED PUZZZLES" option to start solving them. This will start loading all the amber and red colored puzzles in sequential order so you can keep your bird view clean. Go green!
  • Now you can choose to rotate the board so that you can practice solving puzzles for the other side. By default, iChess always places the board so that the winning side is at the bottom. But solving puzzles with the winning side on top can give a new dimension to your Chess and improve your defensive ability as well as ability to spot tactics for your opponents! See Settings
  • Lots of UI improvements
    • Added Sound
    • New Open PGN screen to quickly load your pgn file without having to wait to auto-scan
    • Hint button changes color per the side to move so its easy for you to know which side wins in that puzzle
    • Dark Theme to cool your eyes if you don't like staring at a completely white screen
    • Cool blue color
    • Prices in the puzzle store are in local currency plus other minor changes.
  • Remove Ads right from within the Free version. Now you don't have to worry about losing your PGN files or score. See Settings to remove all Ads from the Free version and make it identical to the Paid.
  • Lots of bug fixes and battery improvements.
  • Support different languages. Some of the language translations may be incomplete. More coming soon.
Special thanks to Dejan, Dorian, Felipe, Fermin, Gergely, Michael, Raymond, Rudy and others who helped with the app.

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