Friday, 30 August 2013

iChess FAQs

How does the Scoring work?

For each puzzle solved = 10 points
Failed =  minus 5 points
Hint = minus 5 points

Total score = Total Solved - Total Failed - Total Hints taken

What do the Bird view colors mean?

Green = Solved
Red = Failed
Amber = Puzzles that you find difficult.

I do not want the app to automatically load the next puzzle. I want to review the current puzzle after I solve it. How do I do that?

Its in the Settings! Open iChess Settings > deselect "Solve and Load Next". Now iChess will stay on the same puzzle once you solve it so that you can analyze it further.

Why does the Hint button change color?

The Hint button changes color according to the side to move. This should make it is easier to recognize the side-to-move than reading the "White/Black to move" text on top of the board.

If I choose to "Remove Ads", do I have to pay again for other devices or if I re-install or reset?

No! Once Paid, your purchase remains with you forever, just like the Paid app! So even if you buy a new device or reset the existing device or uninstall-reinstall iChess Free again, you should no longer see Ads.
(IMPORTANT: You should be using the same primary email account on your device with which you made the purchase, else it wont work.)

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