Monday, 20 May 2013

10 best chess games of 2012 - pgn available for download

I just noticed this post on GM Pogonina's website and I thought I could easily go through the games on my Tablet, but unfortunately there was no PGN for download. Using a Chess board on a webpage is not the world's easiest thing.

So I searched the relevant games she had listed there, on, and created a PGN. Thought it will be useful for others too.

Now I can sit back and play through the games using my Analyze This Android app!

Download Best 10 games of 2012.pgn

"Top-10 chess games in 2012 according to Natalia Pogonina:
1. Volokitin - Mamedyarov. I had very few doubts about the first place. This is a fantastic game.
2. Kramnik - McShane. I believe this was Kramnik's supreme masterpiece in 2012. A great example of a sacrifice of an exchange.
3. Carlsen - Caruana. Magnus is known for his remarkable endgame technique. This game is a living proof of how good he is.
4. Gelfand - Anand. Gelfand took full advantage of the light-squared bad bishop. The fact that this game way played in the WCC match adds to its importance.
5. Bodnaruk - Javakhishvili. A great game by Anastacia Bodnaruk. White sacrificed two rooks and slaughtered the Black king.
6. Gustaffson - Kramnik.  A wonderful journey of the a-pawn :)
7. Ivanchuk - Vachier-Lagrave. The sacrifice on d5 is standard, but it never gets old. Especially when accompanied by such a nice move as 26.g3.
8. Carlsen - Topalov. A wild duel with fireworks. I love replaying this game over and over again :)
9. Aronian - Morozevich. A lot of splendid games have been played at Tal Memorial, but I decided to pick this one. Both sides has their chances, but in the end Black prevailed.
10. Rodriguez - Veskovi. An impressive attack on the king."

BTW, the complete list of 38 games is here

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