Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Analyze This - Install new UCI Chess engine

Starting with Analyze This v2.0, you can now install a compatible UCI Chess engine of your choice!

To install a new engine:
1. In Analyze This, click Menu - Manage Engines
2. Click "Install Engine" at the top right.
3. Download the UCI engine zip from the link at the bottom. Locate the UCI engine you just downloaded. (If you downloaded a zip file, then YOU need to unzip it first.)
4. Analyze This will run some quick tests to see if it is a valid UCI engine and show it in the list. Your engine will be pre-selected and ready for use. (For best results, deselect the engines that you are not interested. This will give you better performance and bigger board)

Note: Analyze This app does not limit the number of engines you can run simultaneously! However, running more engines will severely drain your device battery.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download some UCI engines from below link:

(Download and extract the UCI zip to your device. Then launch Analyze This and choose any engine from the UCI folder/<enginename>.

Other good resources for Android Chess engines: