Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Grischuk caught on camera

While watching the Grischuk - Kramnik post match interview video (see below), I could not help but notice Grischuk's body language in the beginning of the video.
What must be going through his mind?

Even more interesting is the below video during his game with Kramnik. In the dying stages, he looks at the clock maybe every second or two (losing precious seconds in the process!). If he glances at the clock so often, how would he even be calculating the position.

(Please forward the video and watch from 2hrs 48mins onwards till he makes his move around 02hrs 50mins)

And finally, the most amazing off-the-board blunder by a Chess player I have ever seen. Probably Grischuk's worst move ever!
(see what happens when Grischuk arrives at the board)

(If the embedded video does not work, you can watch it on Youtube)

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