Monday, 18 March 2013

Chess reading for the week - March 18

Here are some interesting chess posts for the week:

From Indian Express : Interview with Pentyala Harikrishna
Harikrishna is currently rated 2706 and is India #2 and World #43!
"On the possibility of breaking into top 10:
In order to reach the top 10, I have to gain another 35 to 40 points. I need to perform consistently in at least six to seven tournaments in the next seven months. I have to chose the right tournaments to play against good players."

From Vishy Anand on Twitter during round 3
The champ is closely following each game and really appreciates what the players are going through.

From : Young Norwegian Number One is the David Beckham of Chess
"I have no doubt that when I am playing at my best, I am the best. The ratings don't lie," said Carlsen
Carlsen recently fronted an advertising campaign for the fashion label G-Star Raw alongside the actress Liv Tyler, counts Hollywood actor Ben Stiller as a friend, and was recently offered a role - as a chess grand master - in the film Star Trek Into Darkness."

From : "When the Brilliant Players Are At the Board"
"We have followed the game closely with Ruslan Ponomariov who gave a live commentary on Chess-News radio. Here we offer you some of his remarks which were available on our Twitter page:
Ponomariov on Ivanchuk-Aronian opening:
"Ivanchuk today plays like Aronian"
"What Ivanchuk does looks more like improvisation than preparation"
"Ivanchuk playes a bit impudently, but it's unclear how to refute..."
"Honeslty, at the moment I'm a bit disappointed in Ivanchuk"
"Ivanchuk's position is way too insecure now"
Ivanchuk has 3 minutes for 17 moves. Ponomariov: "Here he should already play following his intuition and forget that the hands are trembling..."
"It's hard to commentate when the brilliant players are at the board..."
"For Ivanchuk it's already not about winning the tournament; important is that he will at least recover"

From : A bodycheck, a Krushing attack, a rook retreat...
"The London Candidates Tournament is great, but something's missing: not a single female player. For those of you suffering withdrawal our ChessBase Magazine columnist GM Karsten Müller has taken a look back at the Women's World Team Championship and some of the instructive and entertaining endgame it produced"

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