Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Kasparov, Chess, Computers and Innovation!

Recently I watched a pretty investing video of Kasparov talking to authors@Googlers.
He talks at length about chess, computers and innovation.

At the start of the video, the host talks about Kasparov's article in the NYTimes. In that long article, Kasparov gives a nice insight  into the world of chess and computers.

In particular, the following point struck me:
"Like so much else in our technology-rich and innovation-poor modern world, chess computing has fallen prey to incrementalism and the demands of the market. Brute-force programs play the best chess, so why bother with anything else? Why waste time and money experimenting with new and innovative ideas when we already know what works? Such thinking should horrify anyone worthy of the name of scientist, but it seems, tragically, to be the norm."

Here is a link to that article. Worth reading!

This reminds me of Larry Page's legendary 10x comment. 10% increment is not enough. Make it 10 times better!

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