Monday, 18 February 2013

Anand on Peter Nielsen switching to Magnus Carlsen

After his last round victory over Naiditsch, Anand was asked the most important question regarding his trusted second Peter Nielsen working with Magnus Carlsen.

Anand's response:

"Peter and me spoke last year and he mentioned that he had an offer from Magnus. We discussed a little bit...came to a reasonable agreement.
I mean there is nothing complicated, he is working for Magnus. He has worked with Magnus in the past.
He was two timing (not exactly the expression I am looking for!) but he was working for both of us round about 2006-2007 and then ofcourse he has been a big part of my team.

No I am fine with it. We thought lets do Wijk Aan Zee for old time sake and he will switch to Magnus and thats what happened.

We agreed it and like I said and the very fact that he came to Wijk Aan Zee, I can say it was amicable and I will leave it at that."

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