Tuesday, 27 September 2011

iChess v1.6 released!!

I received some good feedback and suggestion from users. This update is for them!

☆ New Bird View feature to view your Solved/Failed positions for each level. Tap on the number to load that puzzle (thx user Benson)
This is only for puzzles you see going forward
☆ Copy puzzle in FEN notation. Long press on board to see the option (You can import FEN in apps like 'Chess for Android' for analysis with the Engine in that app) (thx user Tiago)
☆ Remember last puzzle for each level (thx Tiago). This is handy when you frequently switch between levels.
☆ Touch related bug fix which did not allow selecting a piece if you have already selected one

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Why the name iChess?

Some users think "iChess" is too Appleish.
True it is, and for that matter any English word that starts with an 'i'!

I chose this name for several reasons:
1. 'i' is the reverse of '!' which as a chess player knows stands for a good move.
2. Many app publishing websites do not allow special characters like '!'.
3. 'i'  also sounds similar to 'eye'; and training your tactical eye is the main focus of this app!