Saturday, 26 November 2011

iChess v1.7 released!!

Finally, I am happy to release v1.7 of iChess for Android.

Whats new in this release?
☆ Open puzzles file in PGN format from SDcard! (thanks to user Brandon)
Note that your PGN file should have a move for every puzzle so that iChess can provide you hints or assess your move.
Bird view is also supported!
☆ Added nearly 150 positions from recent GM tournaments played in the last 2 months featuring top GMs like Carlsen, Anand, Kramnik, Aronian, Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Polgar, Svidler, Nakamura etc
☆ Shows game information like White/Black/Event and Date.
☆ Corrected moves for some positions (thanks to user Ulrike)
☆ Added extra moves to positions which previously had only one move

Note: If you are upgrading from v1.6 to v1.7, your Master level (ONLY) Bird view will be reset. Sorry!
This is because of a bug in v1.6 which is now fixed.
Bird view from Normal and Advanced level will be maintained

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

iChess v1.6 released!!

I received some good feedback and suggestion from users. This update is for them!

☆ New Bird View feature to view your Solved/Failed positions for each level. Tap on the number to load that puzzle (thx user Benson)
This is only for puzzles you see going forward
☆ Copy puzzle in FEN notation. Long press on board to see the option (You can import FEN in apps like 'Chess for Android' for analysis with the Engine in that app) (thx user Tiago)
☆ Remember last puzzle for each level (thx Tiago). This is handy when you frequently switch between levels.
☆ Touch related bug fix which did not allow selecting a piece if you have already selected one

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Why the name iChess?

Some users think "iChess" is too Appleish.
True it is, and for that matter any English word that starts with an 'i'!

I chose this name for several reasons:
1. 'i' is the reverse of '!' which as a chess player knows stands for a good move.
2. Many app publishing websites do not allow special characters like '!'.
3. 'i'  also sounds similar to 'eye'; and training your tactical eye is the main focus of this app!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

iChess for Android v1.5 released!!

Proud to announce the release of v1.5.
I consider it to be a major release and hence the version bump from 1.1 to 1.5!!

New Features:
  1. Share puzzle via email/twitter/facebook etc!!
  2. No more boring board color!. You can now choose from Aqua, Blue, Brown, Gray or Green!
  3. Setting to automatically move to next puzzle OR stay on current position and review it
  4. Tablet optimization
Go grab it from the market!

    Saturday, 13 August 2011

    iChess for Android v1.1 released!

    v1.1 was released to the Android market today.
    It is a minor upgrade and has the following improvements:
    • Arrow in 'Analyze Previous' mode helps notice piece movement
    • Updated Title - Shows the Total # of games in each level
    • Automatically move to next level if last puzzle in previous level is solved or skipped
    • More than 50 puzzles added from recent tournaments:
      • 39th GM Dortmund, Germany
      • 98th British Chp
      • 8th World Teams, China
      • AAI GM, New Delhi
      • 39th World Open, USA
      • Commonwealth, South Africa
      • 1st China Rapid Prelim
      • Biel ACCENTUS GM

    Thursday, 11 August 2011

    iChess for Android update coming soon

    I am working on an update for my iChess Android app.
    It will include minor enhancements and International games  in the last couple of months including Dortmund, Biel, World Teams etc!

    Stay tuned!

    iChess for Android is out!

    All this while iChess was available for Java and Symbian phones. No more!

    I am happy to release a Android version with the same good features for you to enjoy solving Chess Tactics/Puzzles.

    Features include:
    • More than 1100 puzzles
    • Many positions from Recent 2011 GM tournaments
    • 3 Levels (Normal, Advanced & Master)
    For more details, visit
    Market Link: