Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Chess Moves - Now with an AI that adapts itself to your level, even during a game!

Chess Moves v2.6 was released and with this we bring two important changes to enhance your App experience while playing against the AI.


Self-adjusting Adaptive AI

We have improved the AI playing experience. Now, the AI will auto adjust its strength, to match your level, even during a game!

Just set the difficulty level to 'Auto' and start playing a game!

One-player game start screen

Resume AI Game

Earlier, you could not resume an AI game and had to either abandon it or resign. Now you can simply leave the game. The App is smart to know and will present the same game the next time you choose to play vs AI so you can continue where you left off!
We have also added the ability to abort an AI game, provided you do so in the first few moves.


Our aim is for everybody to play chess and have fun, irrespective of language and whether you can see the App or not. Thats why our Apps (the only Chess apps?) are 100% blind friendly.
A blind user from Spain requested us that the App be available in Spanish. And thanks to my good old friend Carlos Granados, the App is now translated to Spanish!

As always, your feedback is most welcome. (You can do so via the App - Menu - About - Feedback)

PS. These features are currently only on Android, but will roll out to iOS soon.

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