Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chess Book Study for iPad - Help

1. How do I copy my personal ebooks?
NEW in v1.2 - Now with v1.2, you no longer need to connect your iPad to iTunes to copy the ebooks. You can simply open your Chess PDFs via Dropbox, Drive, Email or other supported Apps! (see note below)

Connect your iPad to iTunes on your Mac or PC. (You can also connect it on Linux.) Then locate the Chess Book Study App's Documents folder. Copy your book to the Documents folder and you are done! (Disconnect your iPad and the book should be visible)
Please note that only ebooks/magazines in PDF format are supported.

2. What features does the iOS app currently support?
Add/View Bookmarks - You can add multiple bookmarks or jump to bookmarked page.
Brightness - Change screen brightness (useful when reading in low light)
Show/Hide board - You can view the book in full screen by hiding the board
Board Colors - Choose a different board color
New Board
Following features are in the Pro version only:
Position Setup [PRO] - Set up a new board position
Flip board [PRO]

3. Tip to navigate the book - tap bottom for next page, tap top for previous page
You can swipe through the pages of the books. Additionally, you can tap the bottom of the book to load next page. Tap the top of the book to view previous page.

Got an issue? Please email me at

Ex: How to open PDF from Dropbox
In Dropbox , tap the "Share" icon which has a upward pointing arrow. It will show a Popup.
Then choose Open In... and Chess Book Study app should be listed.


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