Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How to use 'Talk to Move' feature in 'Chess Book Study' app

Why 'make' the move when you can speak the move!?

Chess Book Study is the ONLY Chess app for Android that has a 'Talk to Move' feature.
You simply hold the mic and speak out each move.

1. Enable 'Talk to Move' setting from the app settings.
2. Hold the on-screen mic, speak one move and release the mic
Speak piece   square    OR     source square   destination square

Sample moves:
e4 = hold the mic, say e4 OR pawn e4 OR e2 e4, release the mic
Nf3 = hold the mic again, say knight f3 OR g1 f3, release the mic
0-0 = say king g1 OR e1 g1
0-0-0 = say king c1 OR e1 c1
Bxf6 = say bishop f6 OR g5 f6

* Only English algebraic notation supported. Let me know if you need more.
* No Internet connection required. All offline!
* This is an experimental feature and may occasionally cause the app to freeze/crash. Disable this feature if you face any issue.