Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chess Book Study v1.2 released!!

I am excited to release v1.2 of Chess Book Study with some important features.
  • Move Left/Right: You can now move back and forth through the moves. Just tap on the left or right half of the board or on any empty square.
  • Ebook Browser: Some of you mentioned that the ebook scanning operation in 1.0 can be slow and potentially shows a lot of pdfs (which may not be related to Chess). Now that is replaced with File browser so that you are in control!
  • Move Notation: See last move notation next to the board. This makes it easier to know at what move you left reading once you start the app again.
  • Illegal Moves: Basic illegal moves checking has been added so that you don't inadvertently move pieces to the wrong square
  • Auto-complete castling
(Thanks to Benzi, Munroe, Luis, Jacob for their suggestions)