Friday, 14 October 2016

Analyze This iOS - Help/FAQs

Analyze This iOS : Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to flip/turn the board?

Flipping the board in Analyze This (and most of our Chess apps) is probably the easiest amongst all the other Chess apps out there!
Just swipe your finger top down on the board to flip it!

(Note: To flip the board again, just repeat the same step above. Swiping in reverse order (down-up) has no effect.)

  • Import my own PGN file

There are two main ways you can import your own .pgn file into Analyze This app.

Method 1 and probably easiest of all is that you can import your pgn if you have it in your mailbox or Drive or Dropbox.
    Choose the Share/Copy Into option from your App (Gmail, Drive, Dropbox) and then choose "Copy to Analyze This"

After this the pgn will get copied inside Analyze This app and the app should show the list of the games. Just in case the games are not automatically loaded, you can open the pgn by tapping the Folder icon inside Analyze This app.

(Note you should be in the "PGN Games" tab at the bottom to see the folder icon)

Method 2 Copy using iTunes
Copy your pgn file from your PC to the Analyze This app's Document folder using iTunes File sharing.
Please see the section on 'Copy files from your computer to your iOS app' here

Once the file is copied, open Analyze This App - Games - and choose the Folder icon at the top right (as shown in the diagram above)

  • Delete a move from the game (added in v2.4)

Tap on a move in the notation to select it. Then tap the same move again and it would show a popup with more options including "Delete this move". Choosing that option will delete the currently selected move and all moves after that.

  • Promote Variation / Add Comments

Same as above. Tap on an already selected move in the notation. This will show a popup with these options

  • Delete a game from the database (added in v2.3)

Games can only be deleted from the 'My Games' database (only games that you have saved. Games cannot be deleted from the pgn file, at this moment)
To delete a game that you have saved in the App, swipe the game to the left to reveal the hidden
   Delete   button. Select it to delete the game.

  • Delete a PGN file from the listing

Sorry, currently not supported

I would love to hear your feedback. Please email me at

Monday, 26 September 2016

iChess v5.0 on Android - Its brand new and colorful!

Over the past several weeks, we have been partly busy with iChess release. We slowly rolled it out to few set of users, squashed a lot of bugs (and silly mistakes), but its finally here! The latest Android version is now available for all users!

What's New?

Sometimes when you start an App project, you develop it with the knowledge and tools you have during that time. Over a period of time, your knowledge improves and you realize that the way you developed something in the past, was probably not quite the best way to do it. It can be made better.

So thats what we did. We changed the guts of the Android version and built-it almost from scratch!
This was done to make it better and improve the stability and fix bugs which creep in some weird scenarios.

Colorful & Curvaceous...

..with new Wooden Board Theme

..and colors!

Brand new Store design and experience!

Search any puzzle or publisher. View our Top Puzzles or your purchases, all in one screen! Find puzzles that you want based on various categories!

..and puzzles from 'New In Chess' publisher!

Puzzles based on your playing strength or from games of top players like Carlsen, Nakamura, Giri, Kasparov etc.


  • A single place to view and download all your purchases
  • Choose a different 'Side to play', in case your PGN has puzzles where the 1st move is for the losing side.
  • Its not only the App design that has changed, the underlying stuff and architecture
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes and more!

These are significant changes and might cause some bug here and there. It will be great if you could just email me (Can do that via the App too. Menu - About - Feedback)

If you don't like something, just email me! Looking forward to your feedback!

PS. Some of these changes will be rolling out to the iChess iOS version too

Monday, 8 August 2016

Your Move correspondence chess app for iPhone/iPad!

Your Move Android was the only mobile App for correspondence chess on the official Chess Servers (ICCF, SchemingMind, AICCF, ChessMoon,, ChessOK)

Now, Your Move app is also on iOS (for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch...)! This is our 7th Chess App on iOS and we couldn't be more proud!

  1. You can make your moves in your games on any of the aforementioned chess web servers. Please note that ICCF is the official chess body for correspondence chess, which entitles you to official rating, Titles etc.
  2. Multi-login. The App supports multiple logins, especially for those who play simultaneously on different servers
  3. One tap position analysis with Analyze This iOS App (PRO only)
NOTE : The App only serves as a conduit/client app to get list of your games and make moves in your ongoing games. The App currently does not have any API (from the servers) to get list of users or issue challenges. Who knows, maybe in the future!

Check out all the other iOS Chess Apps from us!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Live chess on the web has a new address!

Last week was amazingly busy. We released updates to several Apps:

 Analyze This iOS got improved support for annotated games and several bug fixes.  Analyze This Android got critical bug/crash fixes related to game saving.
Follow Chess iOS had a bug related to multi board refresh which went unseen for a while. We fixed that too!
Chess Book Study iOS got support for loading your own PGN files! (finally!) So now its easy to study Chess books and magazines.
♞ Your Move app which is currently on Android, will also be coming to iOS (its with Apple for approval...sshh)!

But the most exciting and well received, was the news about Follow Chess (Beta) on ANY browser!
Just type in your browser and enjoy live games from top tournaments in a mobile/tablet friendly manner.

Currently its a "lite" version and does not have all the bells and whistles of the Android & iOS Apps. But its a big step for us as well, since its our first product to be publicly available via a Browser!
Any hey, like all our products, its just a matter of time and even this "lite" will get new features and updates!

titbit: This project was conceived as part of our "Tech Tuesday", where we work on some different challenging ideas every Tuesdays!

I am personally very happy to see a side-project become something more. But what excites me more is the potential it has to further improve how we all experience Chess.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fixed - InApp purchase issue in My Chess Apps

Today we learnt about a critical issue with In-App purchases.

Issue: Users attempting to purchase an In-App item (ex in iChess) or Subscription (ex in Follow Chess) saw a failure message, even though the actual transaction was successful.
Due to this the In-App item may not have been immediately available. (it works if the App/Screen is closed and re-opened, and in some cases can be downloaded again)

Do I need to do anything? No
This issue has since been fixed and all purchases should proceed normally. The Apps don't need to be updated since this issue was on the Server.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused and are putting measures to ensure this does not happen again.

* If the In-App purchase was for App Upgrade, and the App still hasnt been upgraded -> Please restart your device once.

* If the In-App purchase was for a puzzle or extra item, please visit the App's Store and the App should allow you to download at no additional cost.

Please write to us if you face any issue.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Analyze This v2.0 for iOS with Stockfish 7 and more!

Hardwork and dedication; this is what this App update is all about! Given our unfamiliarity with the environment and building complex UIs on iOS, we weren't sure we could pull this off, but here it is... Analyze This v2.0 for iOS!

Whats New?

This single screen pretty much summarizes everything!

  • Stockfish 7
Now you can analyze your games with the latest and greatest version of Stockfish 7 which is rated a whooping ELO 3337! Ofcourse, strength on mobile devices would differ. In a future release, we plan to add an option to change the number of threads/cores the engine uses.You can also start/stop the Engine so you can take a break while you read the annotations or browse through the complete game.
  • Multi PV
Earlier App version only showed a single PV (primary variation) or line. With v2.0, you can now view more engine variations to get better insights into the position.
Tapping the +/- buttons increases/decreases the number of lines. The first line is the best line followed by 2. 3. etc. If you wish to view a longer line, its best to use the device in Portrait view.

  • Improved Notation view
The Notation view now support text commentary if present in your pgn string.

  • Multi-purpose Paste
We have improved the Paste option. You can now paste a complete PGN or even a single FEN string. ex: rnbqkbnr/pp1ppppp/8/2p5/4P3/8/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq c6 0 2

It is quite fault tolerant and should ideally accept quotes or extraneous strings and only take what matters. (ofcourse there will be many more improvements coming to this feature and the App overall)

Apart from these changes, we have made several improvements. Hope you will like the App, as you have come to like all our other Apps on Android and iOS.

Ads - We need to pay our developers and feed families. One important change in this version of the App is the presence of full screen Ads. But we have taken care to not annoy anybody with excess Ads and they would probably appear infrequently (moreover, most of the Ads would be related to Chess, so you may actually find them useful. Sample below...)

However, knowing who we are and how awesome our Apps are (and can be!), you could also Upgrade the App to the PRO version at its current low price (via In-App purchase) and enjoy all features and Ad free experience.

PS. Yesterday we discovered a critical bug in Follow Chess iOS (thanks to Steve) which prevented users who purchased the full version of the App (in the past few days), from using all the PRO features. This has been fixed in version 2.0.3 currently in the App store.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Issue with Subscriptions on Follow Chess iOS v2.0

Today (Mar 28) we came to know of a critical bug in the v2.0 of Follow Chess iOS App.

Issue: Existing active Subscriptions (monthly & yearly) ceased to work after upgrading to 2.0 and the App was working as a Free version (showing Ads and restricting features).
I apologize for this.

Re-installing the App or restoring the purchase does not help and the only solution is to wait for the new App update.

We have already fixed the issue and we are waiting for Apple's approval (in times like these, I miss Google/Android's ability to release a new App update in couple of hours!). We have also requested Apple for an expedited App review (normal App reviews take about 5-7 days).

Thanks for your patience and kind understanding.

PS : Once the new App update is available, please try the RESTORE option from the Pro Screen to restore your subscription, in case it does not automatically do it.

Update (Mar 29) : The expedite review process did work and Apple approved the bug-fix v2.0.1 within a day!
So with the latest version now available in the App Store, the issue is fixed.